What's In The Mail? - Glimpses of God

Today on the Compassion blog, you can read my latest post which highlights the new Compassion letter writing guidelines. But today on my blog, I am sharing what's in the mail to my own sponsored children this month.

What's In The Mail - Glimpses of God
  • In my letter to my kids this month, I wrote about looking for glimpses of God where they live. I also reminded them that God is always with them and He is always watching over them.
  • Doodle 101 tutorial so they can create their own Bible verse doodle
  • I took time this week and drew out the Doodle 101 tutorial that I am sending to them. I left it as a coloring page for them to color in themselves.
  • What makes me special? devotional I found on this website
What's In The Mail - Glimpses of God

This month, I am including another free printable that you are able to print out and share with your own sponsored children. It is available here: jpeg or pdf

My hope is that each sponsor takes the time to write to their sponsored children.

Remind them that God loves them.

Remind them that God made them special.

Remind them that you are praying for them.

Take time today to write to the children you sponsor!