WIP Projects

Do you have any WIP projects around your home? What is a WIP project anyway? WIP stands for Works in Progress. I like this acronym better than UFO, better known as Unfinished Objects.
Just like I usually have bookmarks in multiple books at one time, I usually have a few projects started in varying states of almost completeness.
Here are three WIP projects I would like to finish in the next week:
1. Bind 2 quilts - a couple of my quilting friends and I started a monthly quilt group last year. Our first project was two quilts for Quilts of Valor. This was a group effort of building the blocks together, my friend did the quilting, and now my task is to bind them and have them ready to be delivered.

2. Finish off 3 knitted dish cloths - I just love having some of these ready and on hand for bridal showers, hostess gifts, and just because gifts. The threads just need to be woven in on these three, then they are ready for my gift box.

3. Finish Ava's scarf - this scarf is for one of the little girls at church. She told me that she likes purple, so I hope she likes this!

By posting my WIP projects on my blog, I am hoping this will be a way for me to track the progress of my WIP projects and be able to complete many of them this year.