The Joy Dare #43 - 63

43. hearing my kids laugh together
44. homemade chicken noodle soup
45. remembering how amazing the Gospel is
46. watching a little bird find food after the rain
47. paper napkin fight and laughing with my kids
48. sound of heavy rain
49. finished many sewing projects
50. wearing my Civil War ball gown
51. dancing the Virginia Reel
52. Matthew playing with the worship band
53. Kelsey's little note
54. dinner and conversation with friends
55. homeschooling my children
56. time for quiet afternoon reading
57. blue sky peeking through a cloud-filled sky
58. a clean desk
59. In 'n Out burger and fries
60. flannel sheets
61. old books
62. pictures of my family
63. morning sky outside my kitchen window

How is your Joy Dare list coming along?