WIP Projects #4-6

Yesterday was a day filled with lots of paperwork, so I am hoping that today I will be able to find some time to work on some craft projects!

I am happy to report that all three of my last projects I posted about have been completed!

For this next week, I have 3 more WIPs that I would like to complete.

4. BOM quilt block - this is the third year that I have joined our 'local' (half hour away) quilt store for their once a month quilt block project. Back in August, they started a new series of blocks using Thimbleberry fabrics. Basically, we paid $5 for the first quilt block. Then when we finish the block and bring it to the next meeting, we get the fabric and the pattern to make the block for free. Over the course of the year, you have the potential to get the fabric and patterns for 12 blocks and pay only $5. I need to finish this block by Saturday morning in order to get the next one for free.

5. Valentine banner - this is a project I found on Pinterest. Since today is the first day of February, I would like to put away all my snowmen decorations and put up my Valentine decorations. I have pinned a few Valentine projects using book pages and thought this one would be quick and easy to make. I didn't want to use just any old book for these projects, so I went to the used book store and found a used copy of 'Persuasion', my favorite Jane Austen book.

6. Prayer Board - this is another Pinterest inspired project. I wanted a place where we could put prayer requests so that as we walk by the board, we remember to pray for those who are on our prayer board. I also found the bible verse on Pinterest, printed it out, colored in the words and hearts, then mounted it on some cardstock. Now I just need to attach the bible verse and set up an area with cards, push pins, and pens.

What projects will you be working on this week?