The Joy Dare #64 - 80

64. first bulbs blooming
65. smelling homemade apple pie baking in the oven
66. hand stitching a quilt binding
67. listening to worship songs during my walk
68. musical sounds of wind chimes
69. willing clean up crew after my afternoon of baking
70. sharing about Compassion at another church in town
71. seven more children sponsored through Compassion!
72. popcorn and a movie at home with my family
73. sending welcome letters to new Compassion sponsors
74. making paper beads from an old catalog with my kids
75. knowing that I have enough

76. box of freshly picked oranges from a neighbor
77.being able to visit with a friend
78. found out a letter from Lina is on its way here!
79. Compassion magazine in the mail
80. lazy day at home