Today's kitchen line up...

Tomorrow, we will be having dinner with some friends and I was asked to bring dessert. Browsing through Pinterest, I had found a recipe for these Lemon Tea Cookies. I thought they would be really nice to have with a cup of tea after dinner. I have to say, I was not impressed. They were very dry. I didn't even bother making the glaze for them. We might just have to stop at Costco and pick up an apple pie for dessert instead.

Dinner tonight, however, included 2 tried and true recipes from around here...Irish Soda Bread and Split Pea Soup.

Until a few years ago, I don't believe I had ever had Irish Soda Bread. I used to get a yearly calendar from Gooseberry Patch that had a new recipe each month. As far as I know, we are not Irish, so we don't really get into the whole Irish dinner celebration, but it is fun to make something different for St. Patrick's Day.

The Split Pea Soup recipe comes from Cook's Country. For a while I was receiving their magazine and I used to watch their TV show when we still had cable. I was so glad we still had some ham in the freezer to add to our soup for tonight.

I did add some new recipes to my Recipes I would like to try Pinterest board today though. My sister renewed my subscription to the Food Network magazine for me for my birthday. So instead of tearing out magazine pages, I have been finding the recipes on the Food Network web site, then pinning them on Pinterest. In fact, I think we need to try this pizza recipe really soon!

Do you have a new recipe you would like to try soon?