Meet Our Compassion Kids Monday: Kawllian and Karan

By now, you have met our 3 sponsored children and 7 correspondent children with Compassion. A few weeks ago, there was a Facebook post on the Compassion International Facebook page looking for correspondent sponsors for 150 children that were just sponsored (probably by a corporation). I asked Kelsey if she would like to be added to the list. Of course she said 'yes'! So I made the call.

A couple of weeks later, Kelsey and I both had new little boys added to our accounts and they are both from India. So I decided to introduce both of them today.

This is Kawllian. He is currently 5 years old, but has a birthday coming up in May. Kawllian lives with his father and mother. His favorite activities are soccer, playing with marbles, and hide-and-seek. He is responsible for caring for animals, and helping in the kitchen.

This is Karan. He is 5 years old and has a birthday in October. Karan lives with his father, mother, and one sibling. His favorite activity is to play with friends. He is responsible for caring for animals.

As soon as the boys showed up on our accounts, we both sent letters using the online letter writing tool, which is available on your Compassion account. A couple of weeks ago, we hosted our monthly Compassion Sponsor Letter Writing night, so we were able to send special letters to each of these boys, as well as the other 10 children we sponsor and correspond with.

So here is your test: who can tell me the names and countries of all the kids we sponsor and correspond with?