Work and Flowers

For the past couple of months, Matthew has had the opportunity to work for some friends of ours. We met them while Civil War reenacting. Their company, Lumenaris has wonderful products! I really like their wool felt products and their puzzles. You can purchase most of the items online, or you might just find them at a Living History event, homeschool conference, or even a quilt show. Since their shop is about 1 1/2 hours from us, Matthew has been spending a couple of days with them.

While Matthew has been away, Kelsey and I have had some one on one time together. Yesterday, we took our cameras and walk around our neighborhood. On our walk, we found some different flowers then what we have in our backyard. We would stop and take pictures, she like some, and I liked others. Overall, we had a very nice walk together (especially after all the rain we had over the weekend!)

This morning, we uploaded her pictures to my computer and played around with them. I had suggested that we make a collage of her pictures and she can hang them on the wall in her room. So here is what we came up with:

We decided to order a few extra copies so she can mail the pictures to her Compassion correspondent kids. She is even thinking of making cards from the individual pictures to start a little business. I will keep you posted...