Not a very productive sewing afternoon

We have a big Civil War reenacting event coming up and I have needed to get some sewing done. Kelsey has outgrown her drawers and petticoats, and really needs new ones. She would also like to go on the field as a cadet at this event, so I told her I would make her a shirt.

I pulled out the bolt of bleached muslin I purchase a couple of years ago, and was disappointed to see that I only had enough material to make one set of drawers.

Time to buy another bolt of bleached muslin!
With the one set of drawers completed, I started working on the new shirt for Kelsey. After I had taken her measurements and even had her try on one of Matthew's shirts, I decided to make her a boys large. Big mistake! After spending most of the afternoon working on this shirt, it is too small!

At this point, I am going to finish the shirt and hopefully be able to sell it to someone at our next event. I decided to hunt around to see if I had enough of the right type of material to start on another shirt. You can't just use any type of print for Civil War reenacting... :o)

I was so happy to find this print at home! And enough of it to make another shirt! Everything is cut out and ready to start sewing on this shirt tomorrow.