My plans?...or God's plans?

I am a planner...I like to make lists...I like to plan the route of my errands...I really like when things fall into place.

Notice that each one of those phrases begins with 'I'. That's right, my plans! Before I gave my life to Jesus, I was a corporate world climbing young women. There was always a plan and it was my plan.

I still like to plan, and even though God's plan are bigger than our plans, we still need to plan. The thing is, I need to allow God's plans to change the route of my plans.

I had big plans of getting a lot of sewing done today. We have a big Civil War event coming up, and even though these shirts are almost done

I was hoping to work on a couple more sewing projects

another set of drawers and a couple of petticoats, and
a skirt and top for Kelsey, but as 'luck' would have it this morning...
my trusty sewing machine is not working properly. So...I decided to switch gears and work on something that I might be able to finish with little time and effort.
When we were out running errands yesterday, I picked up these flowers because I had seen a cute idea on Pinterest.

We have a few of these bottles on hand because of another idea I saw on Pinterest (that I actually still need to finish for someone!)
I pulled out some jute and that bag of messy spanish moss
After I filled the bottles with some of the spanish moss and tied a bow around the bottles, I cut up the flowers with my wire cutters (don't try this with scissors, it will just be too frustrating!)
Add some flowers to each bottle and I now have a simple, colorful centerpiece for my table!
Does this change the fact that my sewing machine isn't working properly and I may not be able to finish my planned sewing projects? No, but it does help to put things into perspective. The world is not going to fall apart if these sewing projects don't get finished. Slowing down this morning has given me a chance to reflect on His everlasting goodness in my life. He does not want me to worry about things of this life, He wants me to spend more time remembering His promises to me.