A Little Frugal Creativity

Ever since I completed this Pinterest inspired project, I have been on the lookout for other creative ways I can use containers that I usually just place in the recycling bin.

 My family likes to drink root beer, so every now and then, we have some empty glass bottles.

 Kelsey and I ran a couple of errands today, so we picked up these flowers while we were out.

 Here are the other supplies that I already had at home. Kelsey just cut off some jeans to make long shorts. I thought the jean material would make a great addition to this project!

 First, I cut one jean piece to fit around the bottle and just used tacky glue to attach the ends.

 Then I used pinking shears to cut the strip of red material and cut it to fit around the bottle. Again, I used tacky glue to attach the ends.

 The flowers were trimmed to fit inside the bottle and I added tied a jute bow around the material.

 Once all three bottles were completed, I added them to my mantle.

Since I didn't have enough jean material for all three bottles, this one just has the red star material around it. Sometimes you just make do with what you have and your project will still turn out just great! What fun frugal, creative project have you completed lately?