"We just got a letter, we just got a letter, we just got a letter, wonder who it's from?" All the Compassion mail we have received over the last couple of weeks, made me think of the Blue's Clues song we used to sing during mail time. Blue's Clues used to be a favorite show around our home quite a few years ago...

...anyway, back to our letters! After waiting for over a year, a field inquiry started, and a lost letter, we finally received a letter from Lina!

 Dear Yvonne, God bless you! Today I would like to share a bit about what I've learned here at the project. My tutor has taught us that God is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. He is also the definition of love and our heavenly Father. Also, His Son Jesus is my Savior and faithful compassion. He is the best example of graciousness and love toward others. This month we focused on prayer and how it is a means of direct communication with God, and a weapon against Satan. The prayer of a righteous man can do much. We also reflected a lot on Jesus' sacrifice on the corss and how God has designed us perfectly. Don't you think it's wonderful the God loves us so much even though we don't deserve it?
Thank you so much for your kind letters and the support you provide me so I can belong to the program. Because of you my way of life has improved. Please continue to pray for my family's and my well-being. I leave you with this verse in Phillipians 4:14. I bid you farewell with love.

Then a couple of days later, we received a letter from Eduardo! I love how he drew the two of us in his picture! Here is what his father wrote in his letter:

Hello Yvonne, God bless you. Eduardo thanks you for the backpack and the car and the tennis table you gave to him. He is in the 3rd grade in kindergarten and is going to start in 1st grade in elementary school. His height is 1.24 meters (4.07 feet) and is learning to read and write. I like to write. He likes Ben 10 toys, bikes, Toy Story toys, and skates. I am so happy because you remember my birthday. I turned 6. Thank you Yvonne. God bless you.

 On the same day, we also received a letter from Victor! Here is what his letter said:

Dear Yvonne,
I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you for the letter you write me, for the stickers and the pictures as well. I always pray God to bless you. Please pray for me and my family and for my studies as well. I've had wonderful experiences with my parents; they support me in my soccer coaching lessons, along with my friends. I made a drawing in the back of the letter. Sincerely, Victor

I always love the drawings we receive with the letters!

(not sure why this one won't rotate the correct way...)

Then a few days later, we received a letter from Karan. His letter is on one of the new form letters about his house. Here are his answers, as well as a short letter:

My house is made of brick.
The roof is made of tin.
I get my drinking water from handpump.
We cook food using kerosene stove.
We use bulb for light at night.
Animals we have at home are hen.

Dear Yvonne,
I am writing this letter on behalf of Karan. He ways thanks to you. He pray to God for your good health. He like singing and He learn the praise songs.

Now I need to take some time to answer each one of these letters because I know how much these kids love getting letters from their sponsors! Have you received any letters lately?