The Original Throwback Survey

The ORIGINAL Throwback Survey! I'm joining up with Priscilla over at The Blissful Wife for this fun survey! I thought this would be a great way for me to start off my new blogging adventure here on WordPress, so here goes!

Family at Bryce
Family at Bryce

The Basics:

What is your Name? Yvonne What is the Name of your blog? Our Little Corner of the World What is your blog’s web address?

The Survey:

1. What state do you currently reside? California 2. What color is your natural hair? Blonde 3. How tall are you? 5'6" 4. What is your favorite food? Cherry Pie 5. What color shirt are you wearing right now? Blue 6. What are three cosmetic items that you wear every single day? Mascara, blush, Burt's Bees lip balm 7. What is your denomination? Jesus is the only way 8. Describe your testimony? Didn't grow up in the church, thought I wanted to be a corporate ladder climbing working mom until my son was born, that kind of changed things for me, started searching after my son was born, was saved while pregnant with my daughter 9. How did you meet your husband? he was the best friend of my sister's new husband, we met right before they got married 10. What is your favorite beverage? cold - Dr. Pepper, hot - tea 11. How many kids do you have? two 12. Have you ever experienced an earthquake? yes 13. What is your favorite TV show? The Amazing Race 14. What was the last movie you saw? The Hobbit 15. Who is your favorite Bible character? Esther 16. What color are your eyes? Blue 17. Are you a working mother, stay at home wife, or stay at home mom? stay at home mom 18. Do you homeschool? yes 19. Did/do you attend University? If so, where. Cal State Hayward as a Statistics major 20. If you could change one thing in your life what would it be? my teenage years 21. Who is your favorite Christian singer or band? Casting Crowns 22. What is your absolute favorite color? blue 23. Think about something from the ocean and write it down: (yes, random…I know) I love the ocean, so vast and powerful, wonderful place to reflect on how big God is 24. Where is your favorite place to dine out? In 'n Out Burger 25. Did you attend church camp? no 26. Name a blog friend who’s name starts with the same letter as your name: um...'y' is one of those letters that is kind of hard to find a match to 27. Do you have a Facebook Account for your blog? no 28. Do you have a Twitter Account for your blog? no 29. Name someone you miss right now: my grandma 30. What is your happiest childhood memory? finding my purple banana seat bike one Christmas morning! 31. Name one thing you can cook better than your husband’s mother: (if you’re not married, then your own mother.) umm, I really shouldn't answer this one! 32. Would you consider yourself stubborn? yes 33. Do you feel like you are a good writer? no 34. Do you pin? If so, list your Pinterest screen name. um, yes! 35. How many hours do you spend on Pinterest per day? too many! 36. Do you use WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, or Typepad? (or another?) just moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress 37. Where do you stand on wearing socks with sandals? only when I need to go out in the backyard in the middle of winter, because they are the closest shoes I have to the back door 38. Did you design your own blog, or hire a graphic designer? WordPress theme 39. What is your favorite widget/gadget? don't have one yet 40. If you had to choose only one, would you have a clean bathroom or a clean kitchen? clean kitchen 41. Where did you honeymoon? Oahu 42. Did you elope? no 43. Do you have a favorite sports team? no 44. What is your favorite praise & worship song? too many to list! 45. Were you raised in church? no 46. When did you start blogging? quite a few years ago 47. What are your favorite blogs? Compassion, Preschoolers and Peace, Copperswife, Compassion Family, Blogging from the Boonies 48. Have you ever lived in another country? no 49. Have you done missions? If so, where & when. no, but we are Compassion sponsors and advocates 50. What version of the Bible do you prefer? I really like amplified, but use NASB primarily 51. What’s the story behind your blog name? I want to remind myself daily that we can make a difference, even from our little corner of the world 52. Describe the ultimate hands down best date on a $20 budget. dinner at home and dessert out 53. Will you tell one blogger about this survey? If so, then who? (optional: include their web address)

54. What is your favorite scripture? Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God."


Will you join in the fun?