Happy Compassion Mail Day!

CO4320075-Portrait-100w On Saturday I went to the mail box and found one of those happy cream colored envelopes that arrive with that special saying: "Message from your sponsored child"! We have been sponsoring Lina since August of 2010 and she is really starting to share more in her letters to us. Here is the text of her latest letter (this letter was written in November):

"Dear Yvonne,

Hello God bless you; it is wonderful to write and to share with you the blessings that God gives me every day.

I want you to know that you are so special for me and I am so grateful with for the support you give me; for your prayers, for the letters you sent me and for the photo album. It was a great gift and I showed to my classmates and they were so fascinated with them.

It is good to receive news from you and from your family; as well as you think that is wonderful to enjoy God's love. I congratulate for your holidays, can you say hello to your family?

I am going to pray for your academic year. I tell you that my family and I are so fine thanks to God. In November, my cousin will be 15 and we are preparing to surprise her.

Have you gone to 15th birthday party? I would like to ask you pray because there is coming Christmas and I desire that my family and I are together to share and to celebrate; I am going to have the opportunity to visit my family and to share with my cousins.

Before I forget, thank for the voucher you sent me, I could buy some clothes and some shampoo. I send you a Bible verse with love and I would like you share with your wonderful family: 3 John 2.

I am doing well at school. This 16th I will pass to sixth grade and I am so happy because I am starting the high school. I hope to hear from you soon. Know that I keep you in my prayers. Also I tell you that at my C.D.I. we celebrated teh Bible day and I learned biblical principles that taught me about the truth. I say bye for now.


Will you join me in praying for her and her family?