To 'etsy' or not to 'etsy'?

I like to make things, plain and simple. I have a room full of all sorts of crafting supplies. For the most part, the supplies are somewhat organized. But at any given time, I am working on multiple projects. Knitting, sewing, crocheting, hand stitching, mod podge, quilting, baking, canning jam. This can lead to many unfinished projects.

In fact, to add to my pile of projects, this coming up Friday (you know the one, the day after Thanksgiving when crazy people get up early to try to find crazy deals!), you will find me at my local JoAnn's to purchase flannel for $1.49/yard. Yep, I will probably spend at least an hour or more in the store waiting to have yards of flannel cut so I can have a collection of material on hand to make flannel baby blankets for the multiple baby showers that usually occur during the upcoming year.

I have to say though, the finished pile of baby blankets and wash cloths I had on hand earlier this year was the start of my fundraising for our upcoming Compassion trip. Since the beginning of May, I have canned multiple jars of jam, made umpteen knitted dish cloths, sold almost 20 sets of baby blankets and wash cloths, and a good number of other homemade items. I have been able to sell all of these items on one of my Facebook pages. And it has been very successful!!

So I come to my question for this post: to 'etsy' or not to 'etsy'? Like I stated at the beginning of my post, I like to make things. After our trip, I would like to continue to make things and sell them. We really could use the extra income (our new medical rates are doubling, but don't get me started on that subject!). And I would like to donate part of the profit to Compassion.

fabric pennant banner

Here is how you can help me out: answer two questions for me in the comments, I will enter your name in a drawing for one of these fabric pennant banners!

Question #1: Do you think I should start an etsy store?

Question #2: Have you ever purchased something from an etsy store?

Thank you so much! I will keep comments open for the drawing until midnight pacific time on Friday, November 29th.